Franklin Township, Wayne County Ohio

This Is The Offical Website For The Franklin Township Trustees And Is Provided As A Community Service.


This website has been designed to help serve the residents of Franklin Township, and all others who have an interest in the Franklin Township Community.

The regular monthly meetings for the Franklin Township Trustees are held at the Township House Building in Moreland, Ohio (office is 132 West Moreland Road). Please refer to the Schedule of meetings for times and dates.

Our community thanks our employees, Ron Schlauch (Road Supervisor) for all of his hard work & dedication to Franklin Township. 

Franklin Township Trustees are: Matt Gress Dale Sidle, and Kevin Ungerer

Franklin Township Fiscal Officer is:  David Bricker

NEWS from the Franklin Township Trustees

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Schools back in session. Be cautious of children walking the roadways and entering and leaving the school bus. Pet may follow the children or the children may cross the roadway for mail or the paper. Anytime approaching a child on or near the roadway pass with your full attention. Never pass a school bus with the red lights flashing.  


Leaves in the road right of way Leaves are falling. Do Not put leaves or yard waste into the ditch. This continues to be a problem washing away the the ditch sides and possibly the edge of the roadway.

Township Road Maintenance Franklin Township will be cleaning berms on most of the Township roads. Over time berms can build up and have to be cut back. Water needs to run off the pavement into the ditch.

Meetings: Franklin Township continues to have face to face meeting as scheduled. If you attend please adhere to social distancing guidelines. Note: The October meeting starts our winter times. The October 25th meeting will be at 7pm. 

Wooster Community Hospital. The Franklin Township's representative to the hospital Board of Trustees is Tammy Brooks.

Township Meeting Room is available for use by the Township residents. The form is in the forms to download section. Contact the Fiscal Officer to schedule. A cleaning deposit is required.

Recycling is available on the west side of the Township garage. Please keep the area clean.

Permits, Wayne County is changing the permit process. Any excavation in Wayne County must have a permit for the Wayne County Soil and Water office. To install anything in the road right of way, County or Township you must get a permit from the Township, Permission from the County Commissioners and a permit from the office of Soil and Water.  

Note our Township roads are very popular with bicyclists.  We also have a large Amish population with many buggys, horse and pony carts and pedestrians walking, be careful and     courteous as you drive our roads. There is a new bike route to take bicycles from Wooster to Fredericksburg. Oil city Road and Buss Road in Franklin township are part of this route. Be aware of the increased bicycle traffic.

 Road Bids for 2022

Legal Notice

Sealed bids will be received by the Franklin Township Trustees for paving or chip sealing designated roads. Bids will be received for furnishing and applying 405 Motor Paver mix or MC3000 with rolled hard limestone or slag

All hot mix, oil, stone and crack fill is to be furnished, applied and must meet State of Ohio specifications

Bid packets can be obtained by contacting the Fiscal Officer or on the Township website On the "forms to download" page. 



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