Franklin Township, Wayne County Ohio

This Is The Offical Website For The Franklin Township Trustees And Is Provided As A Community Service.


This website has been designed to help serve the residents of Franklin Township, and all others who have an interest in the Franklin Township Community.

The regular monthly meetings for the Franklin Township Trustees are held on the last Monday of each month, beginning at 8:00 pm in the Township House Building in Moreland, Ohio (directly to the north of the Moreland United Methodist Church building).

Our community thanks our employees, Kevin Ungerer (Road Superintendent) and Ron Ungerer (Equipment Operator), for all of their hard work & dedication to Franklin Township. 

Franklin Township Trustees are:  Dan Burkhart, David Mann, and Dale Sidle

Franklin Township Fiscal Officer is:  David Bricker

NEWS from the Franklin Township Trustees

ET Rover Pipeline This pipeline is moving forward. A map of the proposed pipeline is available at the Township building for viewing. Contact the Trustees of Fiscal Officer to set up a time. Watch for information in the Daily Record, FERC has ask the NEXUS pipeline to look at the possiblity of using the same corridor as the Rover pipeline. The Trusstees also recieved notice that Kinder Morgan may be installing a pipeline in Franklin Townsip.

The Township meeting room is available for use by the Township residents. The form is in the forms to download section and you can check the availability on the calendar.

Recycling is still available as it was at the old facility. The Moreland Community Historical Society is the operator.

Permits, Wayne County is changing the permit process. Any excavation in Wayne County must have a permit for the Wayne County Soil and Water office. To install anything in the road right of way, County or Township you must get a permit from the Township, Permission from the County Commissioners and a permit form the office of Soil and Water.  

Note our Township roads are very popular with bicyclists  We also have a large Amish population with many buggys, horse and pony carts and pedestrians walking, be careful and courteous as you drive our roads.

Road Bids Sealed bids will be received by the Franklin Township Trustees for paving or chip & sealing designated roads. Bids will be received for furnishing and applying 405 Motor Paver mix or MC3000 with rolled hard limestone/slag. All hot mix, oil, stone and crack fill is to be furnished, hauled, applied and must meet State of Ohio bid specifications. Bid packets can be obtained by contacting the Fiscal Officer. Please cut and paste the general bid spwcifications with you paperowks and bid and return to our Fiscal Officer



All contractors shall provide a list of at least three references of work of similar nature to that being bid so that Franklin Township can judge experience, skill and business standing.


All contractors shall have a State of Ohio Certificate of Qualification from the Department of Transportation accompany each bid.

A competitive bidding affidavit must be submitted with the bond (copy enclosed).


Bidder will be required to verify that all employees used in the work will be paid the minimum wage rates established for each classification by the Ohio Department of Labor and comply with Chapter 4115 of the Ohio Revised Code as it applies to prevailing wage rates.


A bid bond, certified check or official bank check in the amount of 10% of the bid shall accompany each proposal as a guarantee to contract, which shall be returned promptly to the unsuccessful bidders upon acceptance of a bid by Franklin Township.

Franklin Township reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids and to waive any informality in the bids. Awards will be made to the lowest and/or best responsible bidder.


In case of default by the bidder or contractor, Franklin Township may procure the article from other sources and hold the bidder, or contractor responsible for any 'excess cost occasioned thereby, or may cause any performance bond posted to be forfeited.

The bidder shall list on a separate sheet of paper any variations from or exceptions to the conditions and specifications of this bid. This sheet shall be labeled "Exceptions to Bid Conditions and Specifications" and shall be attached to the bid.

Bituminous distributor and aggregate spreaders shall have computerized rate control that automatically adjusts the spread rate to the ground speed.

All materials shall comply with all applicable sections of the current issue of the State of Ohio Department of Transportation construction and Materials Specifications.


Delivery shall be made when ordered by Franklin Township.


Heatable storage of 10,000 gallons must be maintained in close proximity of Franklin Township during the road work to insure proper temperature and speed of work.

Specifications for 140 lb. bituminous road mix leveling course

The work shall consist of the careful cleaning of the existing road surface and the construction thereon of a course of aggregate and bituminous material, mixed and placed by means of a self-contained, powerpropelled, continuous type mixing unit, with a full floating vibratory screed having a minimum depth strike off device of an approved design. Machines without vibratory screed and power extensions WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. Compaction equipment shall meet the requirements of Section 401.11 of the Ohio Department of Transportation "Construction and Material Specifications" latest issue.


Insurance provision

It is agreed that the bidder will save and hold harmless Franklin Township, its employees, agents and officials against any liability in connection with the work or service performed by the bidder for Franklin Township.


The bidder agrees to furnish Franklin Township with a certificate of insurance showing proof that the bidder has liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 bodily injury liability and $500,000 property damage liability, and that the bidder also has contractual liability coverage.



To furnish and deliver all materials as specified and to do and perform all work necessary to furnish said materials as ordered.


The undersigned bidder understands that the quantities of material as shown herein are approximate only and are subject to increase or decrease, and agrees to furnish the material whether the quantities are increased or decreased at the unit prices stated in the bid.



Name of bidder Address


Signature Title







Acceptance of bid by Franklin Township


The trustees will sign to accept this bid, converting it to a contract and forward a copy to the bidder.


Trustee Trustee Trustee Trustee Date


Witnessed by the Fiscal Officer



The Moreland Community Historical Society had another successful Heritage Day. 2015 will be the civil war with may new and exciting items. This year it will also be part of the Farm, Foliage tour for Wayne County. The Heritage Days will be 2 days and will require extra help. If you would like to help contact a Moreland Community Historical Society member.

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